Lumany’s technology enables the integration of high power opto-electronic devices with maximum performance and minimum cost in an ultra-compact footprint.  Focusing initially on high power infrared semiconductor laser diode integration into multi-kilowatt sources, Lumany is now also commercializing customized semiconductor laser and LED solutions in the visible and UV as well.

Several elements of Lumany’s integration technology were initially developed at Lawrence Livermore National Labs (LLNL), including the silicon monolithic micro channel package (SiMMs). Lumany is the exclusive licensee of the SiMMs intellectual property portfolio, including advanced cooling and optical integration solutions.

Lumany technology is an ideal solution for integration of ultra-violet (UV), visible, and infrared (IR) devices, including:

• Laser diodes (LDs)
• LEDs


Customized Light Engines

Lumany develops and manufactures high power light source solutions in fiber coupled and free-space beam configurations for applications in biomedicine, industry, and defense.  Lumany’s customized product solutions utilize its proprietary integration technology to deliver the highest possible performance and reliability, with a smallest possible form factor and lowest possible cost structure.

2kW laser hand piece
for biomedicine

4kW industrial laser
for materials processing

High power
fiber coupled laser

56kW laser pump engine
for defense and security

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